Welcome to Gracie Barra Santa Ana

Welcome to Gracie Barra Santa Ana the first Gracie Barra Premium School in United States

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu was first introduced in the United States about twenty years ago, and today it is the fastest growing Martial Art in the US. It focuses on ground-fighting, or grappling, techniques and uses basic principles of leverage which enable smaller practitioners to control, defeat and escape from bigger opponents. For these reasons, it is the most applicable Martial Art for both men and women seeking effective self-defense training.

You may have heard the saying “Jiu-Jitsu is for everyone” this is because practicing Gracie Barra’s curriculum offers an intense workout, children’s anti-bullying techniques, unrivaled self-defense moves, and world-class competition training. No matter what focus applies, you will love our program!

Message from Master Carlos Gracie Jr

Carlos Gracie Jr"At the heart of the Gracie Barra Family's extraordinary success over the years is our strong philosophy and mission as a group, a foundation which our masters laid many years ago, but is constantly being reinforced by the great people that make our community. Jiu-Jitsu is a beautiful art, and we have a vision of how it should be taught as a means for individual development going beyond the competitive realm. To achieve this vision, we must remember to come together as a family, always putting the team in front of individual. For that, we will fight to the end for what we believe is right".

~ Master Carlos Gracie Jr.

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Phone: (714) 925-9393

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